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Frequently Asked Questions

For Customers

How do I register my service plan?

Your retailer or builder will register your plan for you. To verify your registration, you can go to the Contact Us page.

How long is my service plan?

Your service plan is “life of floor” which means that it is the same length as the product manufacturer’s warranty or if you reach the maximum coverage spend, whichever comes first.

What does my service plan cover?

See the terms and conditions to see the specific coverage of the plan.

Why are you asking for pictures and/or a copy of my receipt when I submit a service request?

The more information we have, the quicker we can serve you!

Is my service plan transferrable?

You can transfer the plan to someone else within the same address and you can also merge two accounts at the same address into one account. The service plan is not transferable to new owners.

Does my service plan cover a manufacturer’s defect?

Your service plan covers installation issues and not manufacturer’s defects.

Does my service plan cover the wear and tear of the product?

Your service plan does not cover wear and tear.

If I have an installation issue, who do I contact?

You can contact us by phone or e-mail, just go to the Contact Us page for specific details.

What happens if my retailer has closed or retired?

No problem! Just contact us and we will assist regardless of whether your retailer is open or closed.

What is the maximum coverage of the service plan?

The maximum coverage is the amount spent on the initial installation which is also referred to as the maximum coverage spend.

Can I get service past the first year of installation?

You can! We realize that issues can occur over time because of the installation and will be there to assist when you need us!

What if I do not have access to e-mail, how do I report an issue?

You can call us on our toll free 1-800 #.

What happens if I cancel my order?

If you cancel your order, your dealer will also cancel your service plan.

Why do I have a member card?

Each person is given a card with their registration/member number on it. It can be used when/if you need service.

What happens if I lose my member card?

No problem. Just contact us, and we will e-mail your card number to you. We can also issue a new card by mail, at no cost!

Can I put the service plan on an installation in a rental unit?

No, the service plan can only be offered on owner occupied installations.

If my wall is damaged on installation, is it covered?

The service plans cover installation issues regarding the product. It does not cover damage to walls or furniture that is moved for the installation.

What if my dealer does not offer the program?

Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will connect with your dealer to see if they are interested in offering the program.

Should I call my builder before I make a service request?

No, as your builder will probably refer you back to us. Contact us directly which will make the service process quicker and easier for you.