Here are a few customer examples from along with our partner programs and

VIP / Loyalty Program Benefits


  • Create a customized loyalty / VIP program
  • Customize your customers membership 1-5 years
  • Send VIP Customers special offers every week, bi-weekly, monthly, or every quarter
  • Custom landing page for the customer
    • Personalized login
    • See special offers if email is lost or deleted
    • Order replacement card if lost
  • Tie into special events

Quarterly Analytics

Every quarter you will be provided with the following analytics to ensure the success of the program:

  • Number of e-mail sent
  • Number of e-mail delivered
  • Number of unsubscribe
  • Number of positive click through

Getting started in just 3 steps

  1. Select how often you want to contact your customer.
  2. Paper or Plastic cards?
  3. Customize your program offering.