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Setting you apart from the competition!

Set yourself apart

There are thousands of retailers who struggle to maintain their customer base and simply don’t have the time to build a program to create customer enthusiasm.

Now is the time to change that.

We can help you customize a VIP/loyalty program; which can include both Trigger marketing using e-mail campaigns and print material with custom cards.

Yes, we are talking about loyalty cards. Everyone has a wallet full of them. Why? Because they work.

So, ask yourself “Why don’t we have a customer loyalty program?”

Answer: Not enough time, energy or money to offer a program. Or if there is enough time, the BIG loyalty programs are simply too expensive and really don’t promote the brand of the individual business.

Creating your loyalty program

  • Create a customized loyalty program for YOUR BRAND!
  • Welcome e-mail sent to every registered customer
  • Turn key program – 3 models to choose from!
  • Send e-mail offers every quarter
  • 2 year timer for each customer for expiry reminder
  • Customized landing page and cards