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Tile Installation

Dealers & Builders

When a customer purchases flooring, the product manufacturer typically provides a “life of floor” warranty regardless of whether it is a home renovation or a new build.

What about providing coverage on the installation?

Issues can happen:

  • Carpet buckles 3 years after installation – COVERED!
  • Customer breaks a floor tile by dropping a heavy item – COVERED!
  • Excess grout on tile installation – COVERED!
  • Laminate is installed “off register” (pattern does not line up) – COVERED!

Dealers & Builders

Now you can offer a limited lifetime service plan on the installation!

Your customer can have piece of mind that the installation of the product will have a service plan that is equal to the “life of floor” warranty of the product purchased.

We know that not every flooring install will go perfectly or your customer may run into an issue as a result of the installation down the road, but when you do have an issue, we will be there for you.

Our service plan provides the opportunity for you to increase customer satisfaction without having to deal with the cost of repairs. The program will increase customer satisfaction and will provide outstanding value and improved financial return to you.

Beyond the initial installation, we will continue to provide support for years to come.

Dealer / Builder Benefits

  • Increased financial return as you sell the plan with every installation.
  • Reduced risk as we are responsible for the costs of repairs and service regarding customer issues.
  • Competitive advantage of offering a limited lifetime service plan.
  • Increased sales and installation rates.
  • Less work as we will co-ordinate inspections and repairs directly with the customer.
  • Increased customer satisfaction as we deal directly with the customer until the issue is resolved.
  • Increased marketing opportunities.

How does it work?

  • At the time of purchase, you sell the service plan with the installation.
  • Provide the customer with a customer card and register the customer in the system.
  • In the event there is a customer issue, the customer contacts Floor Warranty Inc.
  • Floor Warranty Inc. will request pictures from the customer or dispatch a technician to inspect.
  • Approval to repair is authorized provided the issue is covered within the service plan (see service plan for specific coverage details). Manufacturer issues are not covered by the service plan.

Dealer Benefits

Inbound customer calls

Customer Issue Administration

Installer calls

Install inspections dispatch

Customer Marketing

Repair dispatch

Repair costs

Customer Surveys

The plan is a limited lifetime service plan for the installation of the product. For example, the “life of floor” warranty by the manufacturer is 20 years, the corresponding service plan will also be 20 years and/or the maximum coverage spend is met, whichever comes first. The maximum coverage spend is the amount paid by the customer for the initial installation. For example, the customer pays $999 for installation of product that has a 20-year “life of floor warranty”.  The service plan will expire when $999 is paid by Floor Warranty Inc. for service and/or repairs on the product purchased or 20 years, whichever comes first.